The Correct Way to Upload Your Book

The Correct Way to Upload Your Book
  1. Make sure your book is formatted correctly in .DOC or .HTML form
  2. Proof every section of your eBook multiple times! 
  3. Make sure you close ALL hyperlinks, if using HTML (e.g. </ a>)
  4. Do not use Tables or Footnotes in your Content.
  5. Never include your Cover Photo in your HTML document
  6. Use a Kindle Formatting method compatible with Amazon’s new Kindle formatting:
  7. Kinstant Formatter (currently $27.00 USD)
  8. Kindle Format 8 – Amazon’s own, free Kindle formatting tool.  Use this one if you are including graphics, illustrations or photographs in your book content.
  9. Kindle Gen – Amazon’s simpler, free Kindle formatter.

NB:  Do not use Calibri:  It no longer works well with Kindle’s new parameters

  • Create “Look Inside” sample pages
  • Decide whether or not you want to publish your book through KDP Select
  • Set up an Author Central account.  Add your first book listing to Amazon’s Directory under your name or pen name
  • Go to “Bookshelf” and select “Add new title”.  Enter your book name
  • Fill out the Description
  • Leave the publication date blank; ditto ISBN number (unless you have your own publication company)

Wait at least 3-4 days before beginning promotion.

Once your book is written – it’s time to market it.

Here’s a Book Promo Toolkit that you won’t want to miss: