Top 10 Nonfiction Writing Mistakes You Must Avoid

Top 10 Nonfiction Writing Mistakes You Must Avoid

Literary innovator Lee Gutkind once said that fiction’s challenge is writing a terrific story; journalism’s challenge is conveying solid, objective info; and creative nonfiction’s challenge is to do both well. Indeed, it doesn’t matter if you’re composing an email, corporate newsletter, blog post, business report, or nonfiction book, you must make sure it’s as actuate […]

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Writing Books: Real-Life Reasons and Niches

Writing Books Real-Life Reasons and Niches

Writing books is not only for the experienced writers in the professional workforce. Writing a nonfiction book is a great way to get press coverage, among other things. Sometimes people talk themselves out of writing with thoughts about how new they are to writing. They might think that they lack enough support staff or enough […]

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Are You Writing Your Nonfiction Book The Right Way?

Are You Writing Your Nonfiction Book The Right Way_

As someone who sometimes struggles with the writing process myself, it can be a little intimidating to think about the process involved with researching, preparing, and marketing nonfiction. Nonfiction in general tends to be a bit more unforgiving than other literature genres, and it takes a bold and confident writer to enter this world. If […]

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Want to Write, but Struggling to Start Your Book?

Struggling to Start Your Book

Part I Do you want to write, but are struggling to start your book? Getting started is the single, biggest hurdle for many writers, especially first time writers. Taking that gigantic leap from saying you want to start my own book and actually doing it is just too daunting and easy to put off. Critical […]

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How to Write My First Book

write my first book

If your mission is to write my first book, you have undertaken a daunting ambition. In short, this is no easy job. Writing anything can be arduous even for writers. You must be diligent and determined to persist through to the finish even when you do not want to. A writer must be meticulous and […]

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U.S. Supreme Court Holds That Copyrights Must Be Registered

Copyrights Must Be Registered

Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that copyrights must be registered at the U.S. Copyright Office prior to beginning a lawsuit targeting the infringed work. Before, an application for registration was sufficient. This has heightened the importance for copyright holders to register their property with the U.S. Copyright Office. This is especially important if […]

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Create a Nonfiction Book Outline? Oh, Yes You Can!

create nonfiction book online

You’ve got an idea for a nonfiction book that’s too exciting to let go of, but you’ve no idea where to start. Time to make friends with the nonfiction book outline, future author. It’s one of the best and easiest ways to get a project from clever idea to “Can you please autograph my book?” […]

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Current Trends in Publishing


Like fashion, trends in publishing change constantly. In 2008, it was Twilight-inspired teen romances. From that spun Fifty Shades of Grey and the emergence of a new genre now called New Adult. Also, until a couple of years ago, thrillers seemed to be taking a feminist-like route by including “girl” somewhere in the title. The […]

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Creating Your Own World With Slang


Writers always want to know how they can bring their characters to life and make their world feel more authentic. It’ not hard to find a writing lesson about tips for world-building or character development, but putting it all together can be tricky.  In order to truly capture the essence of the world you see […]

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