A Simple, Flexible, and Profitable Approach: Climate Change

By: Gary Keir

About the Author

Gary was born and raised in Pittsburgh PA and worked in the family roofing and heating business. It is here that he was first exposed to the benefits of energy efficiency. He later became a biologist and worked on the Marathon Battery Superfund site and the Westway Fisheries study. For the past 20 years he has been solving problems as an IT contractor involved in programming, business analysis, and project management. His interest in environmental issues has led him to become a trip leader for Sierra Club Outings. He leads backpacking and rafting trips in arctic Alaska. He came up with the concept of Carbon Xprint because he felt overwhelmed by the problem of climate change and that his options to do anything about it were extremely limited. He currently resides in New York City.

Author Gary Keir gives us an innovative idea that could have a profound effect on global warming. Everyone is dependent on heat, mechanical and electrical energy. The majority of that energy is now derived from burning the remarkable chemical compounds found in fossil fuels. Fossil fuels have served us well, but they have some very serious unwanted side effects. Now, we know it is time to move on to cleaner options. But these options require investment. Anyone, from an apartment dweller to a large corporation, has the opportunity to be involved in the solution to reduce GHG emissions. The funds collected by the sale of Carbon Xprint Bonds would be used as a socially responsible investment in energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy (RE) projects. Some of these funds could be used as loan loss reserves or other credit enhancements to keep capital affordable for markets such as residential and affordable multi-family housing.

Climate Change