Seniors Guide to Retirement: Answers to Legal, Health, Financial and Eldercare Questions

By: Bill Otto

Whether you are entering Retirement and want to be well prepared or you are caring for parents and need answers to elder care questions you will find the answers. Bill Otto is an elder care financial planner that understands what is ahead for his clients, the sweet spots and the tough decisions.

About the Author

Bill Otto is an Elder Care Financial Advisor. Bill has been helping clients preserve their assets for nearly 14 years now, and has literally helped hundreds of families in the highly specialized field of asset protection. Prior to focusing on asset protection, he enjoyed nearly 20 years in the financial services industry. Bill managed a successful practice with the wealth management firm Merrill Lynch, where he authored and implemented many comprehensive financial plans for his clients. He changed the focus of his practice when a friend lost the majority of his family’s estate to nursing home spend down. That event led him to explore new ways to help families in similar circumstances.

Seniors Guide to Retirement By Bill Otto