A Journey Through Affliction: A Devotional Guide to Hope

by Phyllis A. Clemons

God reveals Himself in marvelous ways in the midst of a journey through affliction. Contained within the fire of affliction is grace for the process. Coming out of the fire are redeemed hope, renewed strength, greater glory, and one of the greatest miracles – the miracle of a life being transformed into the likeness of Christ. In A Journey Through Affliction: A Devotional Guide to Hope, Phyllis A. Clemons shares the challenges and God-given revelations of her personal journey through physical affliction. A raging fire rose. The timeline and outcome were unknown. God, however stood in the midst of it all. He touched. He comforted. He spoke. And He transformed. Like Phyllis, you who have been touched by affliction can gain a deeper understanding of the often mysterious season. You can learn how to survive, how to grow, and the power of spiritual transformation. And you can be strengthened by the hope we have in our Almighty God.

About the Author

Phyllis A. Clemons is a teacher of God’s word. She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Administrative Management from the University of Cincinnati and a Master of Religious Education from Cincinnati Bible Seminary. With a call and passion for written communication, Phyllis is the author of Broken-Wing: Taking the Journey to Spiritual Maturity, and Broken-Wing: An Expose on the Journey Through Affliction. She and her husband Randall reside in West Chester, Ohio. The have two sons, one grandson, and two granddaughters.

A Journey Through Affliction by Phyllis A Clemons
A Journey Through Affliction: A Devotional Guide to Hope by Phyllis A. Clemons
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