Bold Bill & Courageous Cate: How Cate & Bill learned how to face their fears

By Natalie Brady (Author),Megan Hsu (Illustrator)

Bill and Cate have lots of fears – one of their biggest is the fear of the dark. Learn how Bill and Cate discover how to overcome their fears, and how you can, too.

About the Author

Natalie Brady, writer, is the inventor of MyFear Zapper, an online game to help children build confidence by learning how to face and overcome fear. She loves writing, music and reading, and hopes to become a poet someday. Megan Hsu, illustrator, has been an artist since she could hold a crayon. She intends to study graphic arts and has a dream of creating her own line of fantasy characters. Both girls are high school seniors.

 Bold Bill & Courageous Cate