Digital and Traditional Publishing for Small Business Owners

We specialize in helping you to write and publish your book. Then use that book to become an influencer for building, promoting, and monetizing your business.


We will help you develop a concept that resonates with your target audience. Break down your chapters into a defined well-crafted foundation. Then the writing begins and we can assist with that as well.


We will take your final draft and edit for structure, grammar and spelling. Making your words rock! We will design and lay out a professional book cover and book interior that presents a professional image.


The Inspired Press Publishing model allows our authors to become published in digital, audio and print. Providing the solopreneur the tools that help them develop their expertise and credibility as slowly or quickly as they are prepared to do.


Groundbreaking in the industry, Inspired Press ’s marketing programs are proven, sales-focused strategies for small presses and independent authors to get books flying off the shelves, expand and leverage powerful sales platforms, and position their titles for maximum exposure to consumers.

Best Damn Marketing Tool Ever

Best Damn Marketing Tool Ever

We wrote a book and you should too. It's time to take control of your industry. Be seen as the expert in your niche.

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