August 17, 2019

        Beginning at 9AM

Comey & Shepherd

        7870 East Kemper Rd
        Cincinnati, OH 45249

All keynote speakers need demo reels to get speaking gigs

For ONLY $275 we are providing you an opportunity to get your demo reel done by a professional videographer to help you land more speaking gigs and become a keynote speaker. We only have a limited amount of spots available, grab yours today!

How to prepare

Who are you?

Please prepare content to speak on as if it were a speaking gig. Start with an introduction. This is your first impression to people. You spell out your qualifications and experience. 

What's your expertise?

Give a brief explanation of why you are an expert in your subject area and what audiences will gain from listening to you—your elevator pitch, in other words.

Samples of you talking?

No recordings? Don't worry! We are holding this event to allow you to generate quality video content to compile your demo reel from.


Testimonials can be live videos from execs or people whose lives you changed or they can be a short text quote (one sentence or a phrase) of someone’s praise about your speaking. 

Audience applause?

There’s no greater seal of approval than a standing ovation. Include video of the audience reacting favorably to your talk. Applause is great at the end.

Asking yourself why?

We help clients get speaking gigs and can do the same for you. However, 99% of organizations offering speaking gigs require a demo reel. With NO DEMO reel, we have NEVER landed a gig.

what to expect

  • When you register, you will get an email from us telling you your time slot which is every half hour starting at 9AM on August 17, 2019.
  • When you arrive for your time slot, Ron Harper who is a professional video producer will record your speaking in a professional setting.
  • We will take the full recording and compile it into a remarkable 2-3 minute demo reel to help you land those speaking gigs and become a keynote speaker.

days until demo reel recording


Record your professional demo reel and become a keynote speaker

Don’t miss the opportunity to accomplish the first step to landing more speaking gigs. We will tape about 30 mins of recording so we can create a 2-3 minute rock star demo reel of professional quality with a step ahead of the competition on becoming a keynote speaker.

We are teaming up

Teaming up with Ron Harper to provide you with an opportunity to create a 2-3 minute demo reel from a professional video producer to ensure you standout above the competition when landing speaking gigs and becoming a keynote speaker.

Donna Amos

Donna Amos, Certified Social & Community Manager, is the Founder of Solopreneur Solutions a successful digital marketing agency with a team of six. Donna  is passionate about helping Solopreneurs grow their business using everything digital and publishing. She has 30 years experience in sales and marketing for small business. She believes the best gift you can give another is a word of encouragement.

Ron Harper
Video producer,
Voiceover actor,
YouTube expert

With an extensive background in advertising and media production, Ron Harper is a self-described "marketer with a camera". A winner of the National Association of Broadcasters Indy Producer of the Year, Ron believes going the extra mile doesn't come extra. He started Videos On Your Website ten years ago to help small business and solopreneurs get noticed with affordable video production. 

our offers

Solopreneur Connect


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    Social Media Management Platform
  • FREE 30 Day Trial
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    Post Scheduling
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  • Sophisticated Analytics
  • Custom Reporting

Record Your Demo Reel



Receive 2-3 minute demo reel

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    Record you speaking in a professional setting by a video producer
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    Get the recording compiled into a 2-3 minute demo reel
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    Use demo reel to land speaking gigs
  • Become Keynote Speaker

Best Damn Marketing Tool Ever



Grab your copy of the book we published

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    We wrote a book and you should too
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    Be seen as the expert in your niche
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    Use your book to help you land speaking gigs


August 17, 2019
Time slots available starting at 9AM.


Comey & Shepherd
7870 East Kemper Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45249

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